7-Mode Snapshot directory and nosnapdir

It happens, especially in case of failover\giveback, that CIFS shares dedicated for NetApp snapshot directory are not any more accessible while underlying volume has nosnapdir option turn on.

A nosnapdir option is dedicated for those onesĀ appreciating strong security on their snapshots (due to company security/audit policies). After all, this option restricting access to NetApp snapshot directory not only to clients, but also to filer itself. Our snapshots are really safe, but in case we would likeĀ to retrieve some files that names we are not aware of, we can’t use snap restore from CLI.
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How to generate and upload SSH keys to NetApp 7-Mode

NetApp with its Data ONTAP in compare to other storage vendors solutions offers very managable CLI and in combain with UNIX it makes powerful solution, where administrator is able to extend ONTAP interface using utilities like grep or bash scripts. But before you start doing any significant improvements, first you need connect your management server with NetApp filer. Please let me introduce steps to achieve it.
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