7-Mode Data ONTAP upgrade single node

This topic treats about disruptive Data ONTAP 7-Mode upgrade on single node instance.

Check another post with information What should we do before upgrade?

Data ONTAP 7-Mode disruptive upgrading on standalone system – upgrade step by step

Just before you start with below plan ensure that everything on filer are online (disks, volumes, aggregates, interfaces) and there are no maintenance jobs running like RAID scrubbing, reconstructions or disk wiping.
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NetApp 7-Mode – CIFS overview

CIFS – acronym comes from Common Internet File System. It’s described as Microsoft network file sharing protocol, allows access and manipulate files and folders on remote servers as if they are on local machines.


  • Network browsing to locate machines within domains/workgroups and available shares.
  • User authentication.
  • Authorization at the share, folder and file level.
  • Basic file attributes: Read-only, Archive, System, Hidden.
  • Extended NTFS file attributes for indexing, compression and encryption.
  • Unicode support.
  • Opportunistic locks.
  • Dialect negotiation – each protocol version is defined as dialect.

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NetApp 7-mode – NFS overview

NFS is a stateless protocol which means that each request from client to server must contain all of necessary information to understand the request.

NFS is implemented using RPC (remote procedure call) protocol which have multiple procedures that define type of request. For example client send request to server for mount:
mount server:/vol/vol0 /mnt/vol0
This request is coming to PORT 111 of the server where portmapper is listening for RPC calls.Then daemon mountd returned port for registred mount service and allows to do a mount.
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